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The Shadow

Orb or Insect?

The above clip was taken in the Dayroom at Derby Gaol at a time when all the investigators were accounted for in the cells at the far end of the complex. All external doors were locked and secured from the inside.

When Orbs are caught on video there is often debate as to whether they are in fact particles of dust or even insects. Perhaps this, taken at Derby Gaol, can be used as a comparison.

Unidentified Noise

Don't play with Fire

The above noise was captured on video during our first visit to the Barley Mow whilst recording a barrel that had been reported as moving on its own in the cellar. Following enquiries on a further investigation at the location no plausible explanation has been found. Can you suggest an answer?

Because of the close proximity to the candle we must discount the above clip recorded at Derby Gaol on 11 January 2003 from being paranormal. However, there is absolutely no spitting sound from the candle whatsoever. If nothing else, it at least demonstrates the possible danger of leaving candles unattended!

Is this just a leaf?

Tamworth castle

During a 15 minute recording of a Séance at Gwrych Castle a shadow was cast across the wall. This was dismissed as being a leaf blowing in front of a torch, but as the wind was consistent throughout the recording why did this occur on just the one occasion?

Our video footage from the Tamworth Castle investigation is available for viewing on the official investigation website

Orb in Motion

An orb in the Station Hotel Cellars

This orb was captured during a ghost walk in St Werburghs Church whilst on an investigation at Derby Gaol in June 2003

This clip was taken during during in the cellars during our investigation at the Station Hotel in Dudley. Please note the shadow created by the orb.