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(Electronic Voice Phenomenon)


Help, let me out

The above clip was caught by a video camera at Derby Gaol about a minute before we returned, having been left for almost an hour to prevent any human contamination. Coincidently, as we approached the gaol from the rear, a shadow was seen through the window passing in front of an ultraviolet light 

This clip was recorded at the Olde Trip to Jerusalem, in Nottingham in the cellars which are cut from the caves below Nottingham castle. It is said that one of the caves used to be used as a condemned cell.



This unusual coughing sound was caught on a digital audio cassette in Derby Gaol during a controlled recording session  on 5th October 2002

This piece of  EVP was recorded during a rare guided tour of Elvaston Castle in March 2003. More of this EVP can be heard here.

A ghostly echo

 A ghostly cry for help

In order to synchronise recording media it is our policy to announce the time when all recording media has been started. At the Gwyrch Castle investigation the video camera recorded the start time being repeated back.

This horrific piece of  EVP was captured during the Burton-on-Trent Ghost walk. We have tried to filter out as many of the background noises as possible leaving it sounding a little tinny. 

A chilling message

During a séance conducted at Litchfield Gaol the above message was captured on an audio recorder, however, none of the team heard anything at the time!