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1. Audio Recorder

These have an uncanny knack of picking up voices that would seem to be outside of our hearing range. They are also useful for taking notes during the initial interview with the client.

2. Digital Camera

Capable of capturing light anomalies as well as keeping a permanent photographic record of the location. Several of our cameras are equipped with night vision to take photographs in total darkness.  

3. EMF Meters

Used for detecting increases in Electromagnetic Frequencies which are said to be created by spirits

4. EMF Pumps

Used to generate Electromagnetic Fields in the hope of attracting activity.

5. Geophone

Used for detecting minute vibrations and movement and displays the amount of motion on a series of LEDs

6. IR Thermometer

Reads the temperature of the surface that the laser beam comes into contact with.

7. K2 Meter

This EMF Meter uses coloured LED lights to display the changes in EMF     (See 3.)

8. Laser Grid

This device produces a grid of laser beams which will distort if anything passes in front of them.

9. MEL Meter

This device measures both Electromagnetic Fields and temperature.

10. Negative Ion Detector

This measures an imbalance of the Ions around us.

11. Ovilus V

This device measures changes in the environment to generate words from its inbuilt dictionary.

12. Para Rem Pod

Detects energy disturbances and fluctuations and displays changes with lights and sounds.

13. SB-11 Spirit Box

This device scans through the radio frequencies at high speed.  It is said the spirits van use the white noise produced to for words of phrases.

14. SLS Camera

The Structured Sight Sensor Camera uses a variety of sensors to enable it to construct what it sees as a human form and display the results.

15. Static Monitor

This meter displays the amount of static electricity present.

16. Static Sensor

This displays the changes in the static electricity present by illuminating an LED.

17. Temperature Pod

This device measures sudden changes in temperature and shows the result by sound or illuminating either red or blue, depending on a rise or fall in temperature.

18. Thermal Imaging Camera

Displays in different colours the various temperatures in a location which can either be taken as a photograph or a video.

19. Thermometer

This measures both temperature and humidity and is used to clarify changes in temperature that we feel.

20. Trifield EMF Meter

The Trifield EMF Meter measures changes in the natural EMF that is around us.

21. Video Camera

The video camera is a very useful tool as it can be used as an extra person as it can be left alone in a room where anything captured can be viewed after the investigation.  

About our Equipment and a Brief Description of its Usage