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As you can see from the above, we are a very well equipped paranormal investigation team. We also have the capabilities to set up our own local area network to which we can add CCTV cameras to enable us to monitor areas remotely without the tripping hazards made possible by a wired system. Almost all of our cameras, video cameras and CCTV cameras are capable of operating in complete darkness so that we have the capabilities of capturing any evidence during both day and night time.

1. Audio Recorder
2. Digital Camera
3. EMF Meter
4. EMF Pump
5. Geophone
6. IR Thermometer
7. K2 Meter
8. Laser Grid
9. Mel Meter
10. Negative Ion Detector
11. Ovilus V
12. Para Rem Pod
13. SB-11 Spirit Box
14. SLS Camera
15. Static Monitor
16. Static Sensor
17. Temperature Pod
18. Thermal Imaging Camera
19. Thermometer
20. Trifield EMF Meter
21. Video Recorder