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The Dead Files (Series 3 Episode 14)

In this episode we are not attempting to validate or dispute what Amy (The sensitive) has picked up on. We are more concerned about the advice that has been given to rid the property owners of the of the haunting. As such we are only showing the reveal and the advice given.

As you will see Mary, a very pious and religious woman objected strongly to her husband using the establishment for prostitution. Amy’s advice to rid the property is to firstly contact a medium to try to persuade her to leave and if that doesn’t work, contact the church to have an exorcism performed on the property.

But why? Mary was a religious lady and not a demon! Also, there is no longer any gambolling or prostitution on site so Mary should be quite happy to let the current owner run the property without causing any problems apart from just letting them know that she is around from time to time?

The next owner Otto, contracted syphilis of the brain at the age of 42 and spent the next 37 years until his death in mental asylums. He is still very territorial about the property and pushes people out of the way but, Amy’s advice is to leave him there and not to try to help and move him on since he seems to be only trying to protect the location.

We have to remember though, it’s a long time since he was at the property so would he still be there?  If he is, then finding out what he feels the current owner is supposedly doing wrong would be more beneficial and if necessary, getting him to leave.

Amy then tells us that she picked up on “Things” that although they don’t look like crabs, they move like crabs and they died in a fire. They are very bitter and angry and want revenge and if you were to see them it would look like a child sized black mist. There have been 2 fires in the vicinity and in each case 2 people have died. These entities can make you feel sick and unable to breathe. Amy suggests that these ‘creatures’ should be given a funeral service followed by a blessing.

Surely, the bodies of the 4 humans who died in fires nearby would already have had a funeral of sorts and if they are showing themselves as creatures which are not in human form are perhaps a little more than they seem. In this case we would investigate further to make sure they were connected with the fire and not differing kinds of entity and then find a suitable way to move them on.