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Much of what most people learn about the paranormal comes from the television where are numerous different programmes to watch. It should of course be remembered that to attract us to watch them, in a lot of cases, reconstructions are used which are not of course the original footage which may be dramatised a little and not be exactly accurate. We are not denying that paranormal activity is occurring though but instead, this is just a rough account of what has been experienced.

We have also noted that on several occasions that bad advice has been given in order to help rid the sufferers of their problems so, in this section, we will delve into some of these programmes and see just where the dangers lie and how the thought of something happening like this happening in your home could be putting unnecessary stress and strain on you.

Remember, although for no more than just legal reasons, these programmes are labelled:

For Entertainment Purposes Only

First of all we’d like to start with a warning about the UK’s very own Most Haunted.

Over the last few series’s for some inexplicable reason, they have not been satisfied with the amount of activity previously reported at the location to the extent where Fred Batt is attempting to summons up demons to affect the rest of the crew in on way or another. They have also been using there own homemade spirit board (Ouija Board). We strongly advise you in both cases:

Do Not Try This Yourselves