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Clear quartz is the most versatile form of crystal for practical work, however once the techniques have been mastered with this they can easily be transferred to coloured quartz and gemstones.

Quartz crystal is classified as a mineral and grows along with other minerals beneath the earth’s surface. Its chemical name is silicon dioxide and is formed from silicon and oxygen, which combine under intense heat and pressure and takes about 10,000 years to form.

Quartz crystal has an energy of its own and once you accept that a crystal is not an inanimate object but energy in a crystallised form you will find it easier to understand why the major property of crystal is its ability to receive, store and transmit energy. It is precisely this property, which necessitates keeping your crystal clear. Crystals absorb energy, they take on the energy of the environment they are kept in, or the person they are with. They do not discriminate and will absorb both positive and negative energy. This ability to absorb negative energy can of course be useful, (some people often use crystals for healing purposes), however it also means it is necessary to clear your crystal regularly.

Clearing Technique
There are four main methods for clearing a crystal which I will cover here, the main thing to remember is that some crystals are delicate, these methods are not all suitable for all kinds of crystal but clear quartz can be cleared using any of them.

The basic approach, which underlies all, clearing techniques lies in combining two things – a physical ritual and a strong, focused mind. What really counts in any of these methods is that you concentrate your mind and focus wholly on clearing the crystal of all previous energy. With a little practice you will be able spot the difference between a crystal that has been cleared and one that is in need of clearing. A clear crystal is light, sparkling and appear to be full of energy, a dirty crystal appears heavy, murky and dead.

Water Purification
Take your crystal to natural running water – a stream, waterfall or river.Hold the crystal in the current and as you feel the water running over it close your eyes and visualise the water as clear white light, pure energy washing through the core of the crystal and releasing the negative energy. Imagine all the negative energy being washed up stream and out to sea to be absorbed back into the earth and ask the elements to wash the crystal clear. If you do not live in the country it is possible to use a bottle of seawater or pure water and sea salt in a bowl. (As the sea is the earths natural purification) Hold the in the bowl and visualise the water cleansing the crystal for three minutes then drop it into the water, if it is on a chain put the whole chain in the water if it is not removable. Leave the crystal in the water overnight and in the morning pour the water down the sink with the tap running to ensure that it is released back into the sea.

Earth Purification
Dig a little hole and bury the crystal. Pick your place with care it is thought the most effective place is near the roots of a tree, as the tree will remove the impurities and release them back into the atmosphere. After 24 hours dig up the crystal and it will be clear and sparkling.

Fire Purification
Find a place to light a fire (if that is not possible light a candle) whilst focusing your mind on your intention to cleanse the crystal. State your intention and ask the fire to cleanse the crystal as you pass it through the flame. Hold the crystal in the flame and close your eyes imagining a pure white fiery light dissolving all impurities and cleansing your crystal. Your crystal may have a thin layer of soot on it, to clean this off rinse it in either seawater or pure water with sea salt in it for three minutes.

Air Purification
Purchase some charcoal blocks, herbs (sage and rosemary are most favoured) and incenses (frankincense or cedar) to burn. American Indians favoured the following blend: - 2 parts frankincense and I part each of cedar, rosemary and sage. As you prepare your incense start to focus your mind on your intention to purify to crystal with the help of the air elements. Get your piece of charcoal glowing. Sprinkle a little on the mix onto it and hold your crystal in the smoke and fumes. Close your eyes and visualise the impurities being cleansed from the crystal and released into the atmosphere.

Wrap the crystal in natural cloth (i.e. Cotton) and wipe dry or clean then hang it in natural light for 24 hours to energise it ensuring that it gets sunlight and moonlight. I used to hang mine in a tree in the garden, (but take care that it can’t be stolen my Magpies); this also works if it is left in a window.