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Extra-sensory perception the evidence and the arguments (Page 2)

Testing your own ESP
It’s quite easy to carry out restricted response ESP tests of your own: -

You firstly need to make a pack of Zener cards and ask a friend to help you with the experiment by being a sender. You will both need a pen and paper an which you should write the numbers 1 to 25 so you can note the card next to each number. Sit back to back is silence; your friend takes the pack of cards and shuffles them, then starts turning them over one by one, making note on the order they were in on the paper. For each card your fiend signals when it has been turned over and you write down which card you think it is. When you have finished all 25 cards compare the results and give yourself a mark out of 25. You should do the test at least 3 times however the more you do the more accurate your score will be,
To find your average, add up all of your correct answers: For example four tests 8 + 7 + 3 + 6  = 24: Divide this sum by the number of tests that you did (four) 24 ¸ 4 = 8, the average is therefore 8.

Scientists have worked out that in order to show ESP you have to consistently get an average of nine.

Case Studies
1.  Date: - 1958            Place: - Florida, USA
In 1958, the police in Miami, Florida contacted a psychic named Peter Hurkos. A taxi cab driver had been shot in his cab, and the police were at a loss for clues. The police took Hurkos to the cab and he sat inside. He absorbed the atmosphere, touching the steering wheel and the dashboard. Impressions began to form in his mind; the killer was tall and slim, and came from Detroit; he had a tattoo; his friends called him Smitty. Then Hurkos dropped a bombshell; this wasn’t the first murder. There had been another; this man had killed someone else in Key West, another part of Florida.

The police checked with their colleagues in Key West, Hurkos was absolutely right another man had been shot and the bullets in his body were from the same gun. The Miami police worked on the details that Hurkos had given them and contacted their colleagues in Detroit. They managed to piece together enough information to lead them to a man called Charles Smith, he was arrested and went to trial, where he was found guilty of both murders.

2.  Date: - 1912            Place: - The Atlantic Ocean
On the night of the disaster, back in England a little girl named Jessie lay dying, Salvation Army Captain W Snowden was caring her for. Suddenly, she called for him; “hold my hand captain” she said, “I’m so afraid, can’t you see that big ship sinking in the water?”
The captain thought she was becoming delirious, “don’t worry Jessie, you’re just having a bad dream” he soothed her, “no, the ship is sinking” she insisted in a frightened voice “look at all those people drowning. Someone called Wally is playing the fiddle”
The captain thought that her fever was making Jessie imagine things, after all she was very ill, indeed she died a few hours later.
Later that night, the Titanic sank with the loss if over 1500 lives, and whole the passengers waited terrified, the band continued to play, their leader was Wally Hartley.

3.  Date: - 1912            Place: - The Atlantic Ocean (2)
A woman named Blanche Marshall and her husband decided to watch the famous Titanic sail off on her maiden voyage. After leaving Southampton, the ship was to pass the Isle of White, so a large crowd gathered to watch.
The ship was an impressive sight and everyone gazed in wonder and admiration. Suddenly, Blanche was seized with a terrifying feeling and she cried out “that ship is going to sink before it reaches America.” People in the crown turned to stare at Blanche; they thought she was crazy after all the Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable. Her husband tried to keep her quiet but she became more and more agitated, she started to shout, “Do something you fools.” The crowd was amazed at her outburst and her husband was embarrassed he made her stay quiet and the vast ship sailed on past to her doom.

4.  Date: - 1918            Place: - Scrapton air base – Lincolnshire
At 3:25 pm Flight Lieutenant James Larkin was in his room when his friend Flight Lieutenant David McConnell opened the door and came in. He had obviously just got back from his mission as he was in full flying gear “Hallo boy” he greeted Larkin. Larkin was surprised that he had made it back so quickly due to the fog and replied “back already”. McConnell replied “yes, got their alright, had a good trip,” they continued to chat for a few minutes then McConnell said, “well cheerio” and left closing the door behind him.
The strange thing was that McConnell was nowhere near the base at the time of their chat as Larkin found out later; he had lost his way in the fog lost control of his plane and spiralled into the ground dying instantly. The time of his death was 3:35pm!